Lung pathway

To mark the work done so far in relation to the lung cancer pathway, and to mark lung cancer awareness month, the East Midlands Cancer Clinical Network held a showcase event on Wednesday 23rd November 2016.  The event provided an opportunity to "walk through" the pathway, experiencing the journey from the patient perspective, finding out what goes on behind the scenes from organisations involved, and hearing more from clinicians and experts involved in initiatives and service delivery.

Following the event, the Network received some excellent feedback and positive comments.  From a patient perspective: "I may say I found the whole experience extremely helpful - and more than encouraging seeing at first hand the commitment and energy of those present, in the care and treatment of patients in the NHS.  It would be great if more people, particularly those who enter the system as patients, were aware of all that hard work and desire to ever improve the system, that went on both in front of and behind the scenes."

The full post event pack with copies of all presentations can be accessed below.  Further details on outcomes and future developments will continue to be reported within the newsletter.

Further information is available from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

East Midlands Lung Cancer Pathway Showcase Event - 23rd November 2016

pdfPost Event Pack

Showcase Presentations
  1. pdfSetting the Scene Presentation
  2. pdfPeter's Journey Presentation
  3. pdfBehind the Scenes - Providers Presentation
  4. pdfBehind the Scenes - Specialised Commissioning Presentation
  5. pdfBehind the Scenes - CCGs Presentation
  6. pdfBehind the Scenes - DCOs Presentation
  7. pdfBehind the Scenes - NIHR CRN Presentation
  8. pdfShowcase Session - Performance Data Presentation
  9. pdfShowcase Session - Fingertips Data Presentation
  10. pdfShowcase Session - Lung Pathway Targeted Work Presentation
  11. pdfShowcase Session - Emergency Presentation Findings Presentation
  12. pdfShowcase Session - Optimal Lung Pathway Presentation
  13. pdfShowcase Session - ACE Lung Work Presentation
  14. pdfWhat Now Presentation

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